Sunday, 30 December 2007

If I was going there I wouldn't start from here...

Here's an interesting experiment: is it possible to get all the way from Lands End to John O'Groats, starting with nothing at all (save a little preservation of dignity)? Here's what happened when a couple of guys tried to find out:

I must say, regardless of generosity, I might not be that keen to listen if randomly approached in the street by a guy wearing nothing but boxer shorts. Just as well somebody was though!


I rather like this:


Now add a dash of socialism...

I'm quite a keen baker, and I've had various positive comments in return for cakes, the highest of which being anything that suggests I'm nearly as good as my mother. But I heard the strangest ever baking-related comment today.

Recently I spent a weekend visiting a friend who'd moved away. On the Saturday she'd invited people round for dinner, so while she prepared that I volunteered to make a chocolate espresso cake for dessert. (Note: Cadbury's Dream is not a good substitute for white chocolate and does not melt well in a microwave. The burning smell did clear fairly quickly though...)

Anyway, to the point - there was plenty left over so on the Monday my friend took the remains in to her workplace to offer to her colleagues. Which prompted the following conversation:

Colleague: Is this one of those do-gooder cakes?
Friend: Eh?
Colleague: One of those do-gooder, fair trade, ethical thingies.
Friend: Well, the coffee is fair trade...

What on earth is a 'do-gooder' cake? How can you tell from the taste whether the ingredients are fair trade or not? And who in their right mind gets snooty about ingredients when someone is waving free chocolate cake under their nose?

I dunno - perhaps I stirred in a sprinkling of my leftie politics when I made it. Or maybe wrapping it in a copy of Populorum Progressio was a bit of a giveaway...

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Brother Anthony

Deary me, I've been a useless blogger of late.

Anyway - my initial knee-jerk thoughts on Tony Blair becoming a Catholic:

  • Weren't we good enough for him when he was PM?
  • Is he going to do a U-turn on various issues that rather set him against the RC church's teachings?
  • Why is he so special that he was received now? It's traditional for new members to be received, publicly, at Easter. Or...
  • this a ploy orchestrated by Alistair Campbell in an attempt to upstage Jesus? ;-)

Sorry, I'm not being very charitable am I? Will try harder.

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