Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tribute vs Plagiarism

For starters, a little task for you. If you haven't already see the video produced by the band OK Go where they dance around on treadmills (where have you been?!?), please do so immediately:

Now, I think this gives us an ideal opportunity to consider the classification of types of copying. This, for example, is a lovingly created tribute to the above. This, is a gentle mickey-take of the above. This, however, is a blatent rip-off, and I hope the creators are ashamed of themselves. Or, at the very least, send a royalty cheque to the band. Hmph!

(Oh, and if you enjoyed the original, also check out this video by them - I was delighted that they actually did the routine when I went to see them live. And when you're done, marvel at/be terrified by the number of fans who have seen fit to create their own tributes.)


Otepoti said...

Where have I been? Umm. I've been busy. And in New Zealand. The twins (age 5) loved this, and so did we all. Thanks!

The ad-men will get theirs in the coming economic winter, I would think, along with, unfortunately, a lot of people who won't deserve it as much. (Keep buying New Zealand butter.)

The Cat said...

Yep - I was reminded of the original when i saw the advert, although I couldn't remember who it was. Mega rip-off, but it might mean that more people watch the OK Go video. Not that that excuses them, of course.

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