Thursday, 4 September 2008


Shame Wolverhampton isn't closer to London, or else I might have taken myself along to Gingerfest, a photography exhibition celebrating all things ginger. Video here.

Not the first project to celebrate us Titian-haired beings. I did volunteer for the Ginger Snaps project, but alas, I was too late. Good to see not everyone's intent on verbal abuse.

Alternatively, maybe I should hop over to Holland this Sunday for Redhead Day 2008. How cool is that?!


Anonymous said...

Our son-in-law is a redhead. We love him very much.

Our teenage children have taken to pronouncing "ginger" to rhyme with "singer", but with a hard initial "g". Has this slang caught on in the UK?


Ginger said...

Yes, we do get 'ginger' as in 'singer'. Not quite sure when it arrived - vaugely remember it when I was at school.

Do you love your son in law because he's a ginger, or in spite of the fact? :-P

Anonymous said...

Actually because he's the father of our grandchildren. Neither of whom are redhead as yet (sigh).

Anonymous said...

The sigh was regret, not relief.

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