Friday, 28 November 2008

Extreme gingerism

Surely the most extreme gingerism I've documented so far?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ginger,

"Total strangers assuming we're SCOTTISH." Heh!

Explain to me why that isn't the hugest compliment? (It is round here...)

Thanks, we all enjoyed that. But, we're wondering whether to send it to our beloved ginger son-in-law. Is it the sort of thing that only a ginger could send to a ginger?

Please advise. We want to be supportive.

The Cat said...

That is AWESOME! Now where is that refuge with all those hot redheads? ;-)

Keiron said...

This isn't really offensive since Catherine Tate is a red head herself. If you want to get seriously offended (assuming you are a red head) you should watch a couple of episodes of Top Gear or Graham Norton where the gingerism flows freely.

Ginger said...

Thank you for clarifying the whole Catherine Tate being ginger thing. I would never have guessed.

Otepoti, how is your son in law's sense of humour? Will he feel you are laughing *with* him, or *at* him?

Ginger said...

And yes, I am a redhead. In case there was any doubt.

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