Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ginger's Guide to London Streets: Photos

It occurs to me that if I carry on being as snap-happy as I have been for the last couple of installments of my guide, it won't be long before I reach the limits of how much I'm allowed to upload onto this blog. So I've decided to set up a Flickr photostream to accompany the series. It can be found here. Happy browsing.


Matt said...

Hi Ginger

Looking at your Flickr (and I can't remember my sign in thing for comments there) maybe this photo is a Banksy;

Then again, maybe it's a wanna be Banksy. :)

Nice blog.

(The Coffee House)

Ginger said...

Thank you. I came across The Coffee House the other day (can't remember how!) and found it to be an interesting read. I wrote a review of 'Who Killed the Electric Car' a while back. I couldn't think of any comment to make on your blog that hadn't already been made though!

As for the graffiti, I'd like to think it was by Banksy, but even if it's not, it's a lovely image.

Matt said...

Thanks Ginger. Stay in touch.

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