Thursday, 9 August 2007

Other collections of everyday minutiae

One of my reasons for starting my street review guide was to celebrate the minutiae of life. To highlight the little things that people accidentally miss, deliberately ignore, take for granted or consider not worthy of comment. I've been on the lookout for others with a similar mindset. Here is some of what I've found (Health warning: some of the following may not be suitable for nerd-allergy sufferers)

10,000 Birds (yes, ornithology, in case you were worried)

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down (Reviews of all things biscuity)

Art of the State (I'm hoping they'll help me identify my mystery graffiti)

Bog Blog (yes, really)

Boring Postcards

Classic Cafes

Cupcakes Take the Cake (I know someone who'll like that one!). And also Blognut (all about doughnuts)

Ghost Signs

History of the Button ("Tracing the history of interaction design through the history of the button, from flashlights to websites and beyond.")

Literally, A Web Log

London Review of Breakfasts

Passive-Aggressive Notes

Smells of the Day

It takes a certain type of person to devote themselves to recording such things. I'm not sure what sort of person that is, but I had assumed that I was one of them. Having said that, it seems my focus is positively broad and unspecialised compared to some! Here's to all those who care!


PS. I should also namecheck Grow a Brain who/which(?) I found by Googling 'unusual blogs' and pinched a couple of these sites from their archives.

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