Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Soundmap is a new site that offers downloadable audio guided tours of different areas of London. They've only got three so far, but it looks like they're working on expanding that. I haven't tried any of them myself, but perhaps I should give them a go, particularly if I want to be inspired to venture further afield for my own rather unstructured guide.

If you go to the Soundmap website and you have your speakers on, you'll hear a background burble of chat and street noise. The funny thing is, I found it as soothing to listen to as the sea! Several generations of London based ancestors have obviously passed something on to me!

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Matt said...

[This is a 'test' comment as I've not been able to do so for a couple of days. Maybe it's a thing.]

Hi Ginger

I'll check your Soundmap link out ... I miss the sound of the sea!

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