Friday, 20 June 2008

Ginger's Beauty Tips

Ok, I'll admit it, for all my optimism about future academic/career directions, it's hard not to feel like a little bit of a loser having dropped out of my PhD, particularly when you look around at peers doing Proper Grown Up ThingsTM like getting married, buying places to live, having decent career progression etc. And yes, chinks in my armour are starting to appear, resulting that for the first time ever I recently came away from a look in the mirror thinking - hmm, wrinkles.

Nonetheless, I shall endeavour to resist a wholesale submission to the beauty industry that would like to plant insecurities in my head to encourage me to part with my cash. To help you do the same, I hereby offer you two of my top secret beauty tips:
1. Enlarged pores? Don't stand so close to the mirror.
2. Puffy, tired looking eyes? Stop reading about eye creams online and go to bed.
My work here is done.


The Cat said...

Loser? You? Never.

What you realise later in life is that people do Proper Grown Up Things for a while, and often wish they could stop and be a youngster again.

Custard. said...

Quite. I did Proper Grown Up things for a bit, and now I'm a student again. And plenty of people don't get on with their PhDs - I know more biological PhD dropouts than I know biological PhDs. And I'm starting to get grey hairs now...

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