Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I've graduated!

So. My New Blog. Isn't it shiny?

I decided it was about time to get myself a proper blog. My MSN space was ok, and all that, but I fancied something a little more customisable. And without the annoying banner ads.

So here we are. Same name, same uninspired prose. I can't see a way of importing the old content, so I'll leave Blog the First up and running as an archive, and might also link back to some of the lists, as it was nice having them on separate pages. But this will be the main event henceforth. Watch this space...


Helen said...

How long do we have to "watch this space" for?!!! =P xx

Ginger said...

The link that brought you here is a permalink to this post. If you just click on the banner at the top, or go to '' and you'll see that I've been vaguely productive.

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