Friday, 19 October 2007

Coming of age

I'm not sure I like personalised marketing. Well, I'm not sure I like marketing in general, but the personalised sort can get just a little bit too...personal.

I turn 25 quite soon, and I haven't yet decided whether this calls for a quarter-life crisis. Someone, however, seems keen that I should have one. I possess a loyalty card for a well known high street purveyor of cosmetics, medicines and the like. Periodically they send me vouchers to get money off or acquire more points on products I frequently buy, or more expensive equivalents (what a surprise).

The most recent mailing I received from them, however, offered me discounts/extra points on the following items:

  • Own brand pain relief tablets
  • Glycolic Peel
  • Dermatological eye patches - 'a temporary eyelift effect without surgery'
  • Support tights.
What do you think they're trying to say?


Richard said...

I think they are saying, "You are a big girl now, so please indulge your vanity and spend even more."

The Cat said...

Obviously your purchases of those items finally reached a trigger level ...

Ginger said...

"Obviously your purchases of those items finally reached a trigger level ..."

What, you mean zero squared? :-P

I forgot to add that the other item for which I was offered vouchers was 'any project from the Expert Men's range'. Presumably to give to the husband/long term bf I should have acquired by now.

If I were Bridget Jones, I would be hyperventilating with the implication of it all. Thankfully, I'm not.

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