Monday, 15 October 2007

Joni Mitchell may have lamented that they 'paved paradise and they put up a parking lot' but it turns out that New York's yellow taxis aren't all bad for the environment. According to an article in Resurgence magazine, over the next few years, the city's taxis are going to be replaced by hybrid vehicles

This is a really positive move for New Yorkers who will experience cleaner air as a result. But I think it's also a fantastic publicity opportunity for greener transport in the US. On the basis of what I've learnt from a book I've nearly finished reading, it seems that our transatlantic cousins have a bit of an addiction to the internal combustion engine, and the car industry has something of a reluctance to move on. If an increased domestic demand for hybrid vehicles develops, however, perhaps it'll act as the trigger for change.

(This post is in honour of Blog Action Day. Oh, and I was originally going to call it 'Big Green Taxi' until I looked again at the Resurgence piece and realised they'd got there first. Darn.)

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