Friday, 19 October 2007


Woo! According to sitemeter, my blog has now had over a thousand hits. Some of them were even from other people! Gosh.

Thank you to the individual who did a Google search for 'London Review of Breakfasts' and got this entry. It was your hit that pushed the counter over into four figures. I hope you found my post helpful!


Richard said...

Congratulations in getting over a thousand hits in about 4 months time. I think it took me much longer to get that many hits when I started - mind you, I didn't keep track at the time.

It is always an ego boost when someone sails in on a relevant search term.

Ginger said...

Thank you. It does make me quite chuffed when I actually have the answer to someone's query.

Of course I shouldn't get too big headed about it. The most common hit I get from a Google search is for this post: following searches for things like 'Explosm cyanide personal space invader'.

Nice to be useful!

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